Dive deep into BabelApp features.

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Dive deep into BabelApp features.

Encrypted calls

Make encrypted phone calls between mobile devices within the network using VoIP. This includes notification of connection and public keys, codecs and protocols exchange for direct communication between devices while ensuring full confidentiality and integrity.

Encrypted phone calls with BabelApp

Secure communication

Using strong cryptography and blockchain technology, BabelApp instantly provides cross-platform encrypted communication between computers running on Windows or MacOS X and mobile devices with iOS or Android – independent of location and connection type.

Using strong cryptography and Blockchain technology with BabelApp.

Encrypted Messages

Communicate securely via instant messages, audio or video messages, and shared documents through encryption between caller and receiver. Messages and documents sent and received are encrypted even when stored on devices.

Encrypted Messages in BabelApp.

Easy Integration

BabelApp supports easy integration with third-party applications, such as document, customer, or mobile device management systems, while ensuring automated and secure transfer of data, information, documents, and files between business applications and users.

BabelApp supports easy integration.

Blockchain protected

Blockchain technology enables encrypted, safe communication. Its use of a unique mechanism for key authentication and strong cryptography makes BabelApp a secure and powerful tool for your communication.

Blockchain protected

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