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Protect your data with unique blockchain technology.

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Our clients know that privacy is the new key value in today’s society. Built using unique blockchain technology, BabelApp offers support and guarantees your messages and attachments will not be seen by any unauthorized party.


BabelApp uses blockchain technology

Why use BabelApp?

Do you think your data is safe? Think again:

Mobile device

Your device is easy to lose, easy to steal, and even easier to track and hack. Your data is more valuable than you think, so it’s important to protect it.


Your phone calls can be eavesdropped on in various ways - using an application or malware code, passive radio communication, operation service or any other way. All this without your knowledge.


Huge amounts of corporate, business as well as personal information are being sent every day... in a completely unsecured manner. E‑mails are permanently stored on e‑mail servers, which are easy to break into, resulting in valuable and sensitive information being stolen.

Documents storage

Storage of sensitive documents requires extreme caution. Even a perfect password or computer that is turned off may not protect you sufficiently from leaking.

Wi-Fi connection

Many places don't have a fixed Internet connection and businesses in these areas are permanently connected via a Wi‑Fi network.

GDPR friendly

The transmission of personal data via any communication (e‑mail, telephone, social networks) in an unencrypted form is almost always a breach of the duty to protect personal data according to GDPR.


We all have secrets: our personal data, health data, business secrets, company know-how. Privacy can be protected using verified encrypted communications.

Said about us

RNDr. Vlastimil Klíma | Computer security expert

„BabelApp utilizes modern cryptographic know-how, applying the right strength of cryptographic techniques. A thorough review of the cryptographic design did not uncover any weaknesses or errors from a cryptographic standpoint with BabelApp developers applying state-of-the-art processes and know-how. I would not hesitate to entrust sending confidential data with this platform.”

Dominik Pantůček | Trustica

„BabelApp fulfils today’s demanding requirements for data safety, utilizing the latest in secure ciphers. The application as a whole can be considered secure as described by the producer.”

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